• We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. That is why we lend a helping hand to those with felony records and have paid their debt to society, and now trying to get it right this time around. Our charity donates 10% of monthly revenues to the RISE prison program, which is a reentry program that focuses on comprehensive reentry planning at CCDOC/IDOC/Juvenile Detention Centers. The goal of the program centers on the introduction of educational, employment, and entrepreneurial training meant to assist with mapping goals and resources needed for successful transitions back into communities.

    Hidden Riches stands with these men as they build their image, appearance, and confidence for this journey

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  • We are a premium introductory men’s skincare brand. We provide men with the three daily essential products that make for a simple, quick yet elevated routine. All three products work together to rejuvenate tired skin, restore youthful clarity, and prevent/eliminate fatigue lines.


    Our products are free of parabens, and formulated without alcohol, barley, corn, oats, rye, soy, spelt, or wheat. They are all made in the USA.

About Us

Hidden Riches was inspired by our Founder, Donovan Harmon, who found himself incarcerated in 2014 just after landing what he then thought was the start of his dream career with a Marketing Firm in Chicago, IL. Upon his release, with a felony now on his record, he received constant job rejection as he fought to get back everything he lost during the time of his incarceration - but failed every time. With his head down and unwavering faith & persistence, he implemented a daily routine that held him accountable for progression in the right direction, regardless of what the circumstances may have presented. Today he owns & operates Hidden Riches after holding high earning esteemed positions in Corporate America, and wishes to help men who have had a similar unfortunate situations as his. This is where the R.I.S.E Charity is rooted.